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The Michelin Guide baffles me sometimes. I’ve eaten at Peking Garden before, and while I think it’s good, I’m not sure it warrants a Michelin star.

On my previous visit to Peking Garden earlier in the year, I tried some of the other dishes which I deemed to be pretty good. This time I came back to try their Peking duck dish, since I had a (rather expensive) hankering for it.


I managed to satisfy my craving, but I thought the duck tasted a little gamey. I’m usually not squeamish about meat having a bit of that taste of the wild but this was a tad over. Plus, I prefer my Peking duck skin crispy and devoid of the heavy extra fat that this one had.


Perhaps the meat could be more juicy and tender as well.


This crab roe noodle was excellent though! I loved the chewy springy of the noodles coated in crab roe with a dash of black vinegar. Its a novelty, and absolutely my kind of dish!

Total damage for the two dishes:- HKD 816.2


Address: Alexandra Shopping Arcade, 5-17 Ice House St, Central, Hong Kong